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Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) is the planning authority for Wellow Parish and makes the decisions on development proposals and planning applications in the Parish. The area south of the A36 comes under the New Forest National Park (NFNP) planning authority.

Although the Parish Council considers all applications made to TVBC or NFNP, their response is as a consultee and TVBC or NFNP may take a different view.

This situation is not unique to Wellow; it applies almost everywhere and often results in a feeling that the planning authorities are out of touch with local opinions on how their community should grow.

A few years ago, in an attempt to give local communities more say in how their areas are developed, the Government introduced Neighbourhood Planning where communities, generally parishes or groups of parishes can, after a process of consultation with residents and local interested parties, produce a formal Neighbourhood Plan covering the next 10 to 15 years.

Our plan covers the whole of Wellow Parish – See map here

We are a group of volunteers who care about Wellow Parish and its future. We have recognised the need for Wellow Parish to have a Neighbourhood Plan which reflects the wishes of the Parish residents about any future development in Wellow.

With the agreement and full support of the Parish Council, we are working together to gather the views of the community and produce the plan on behalf of the whole community.

It is important that you continue to share your views with us as we go along.

Developing the Evidence Base

Much of the evidence base from which the final plan is being developed benefits greatly from Wellow Parishioners thoughts and comments.

Progressively from now on we will be releasing the documents which will make up the evidence base.

These set out the facts and discuss the issues which form the background to the policies set out in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Here we introduce the first tranche of documents on character appraisal, housing need, local employment and the environment.

Until the final Plan is published these remain draft documents, whilst the team have made every effort to ensure that these documents are factually correct as far as can be determined, they may contain errors of omission or commission.

If you see any errors, we would like to hear about them.

Please email admin@wellownhp.org.uk with your comments or drop a letter into the Parish Office.

Thank you to those who provided feedback on the Wellow Parish Neighbourhood Plan Character Appraisal.

It has now been amended in the light of these comments, please go to the Evidence Base page to download the document.

In 2019 Test Valley issued a Housing Needs Survey to all Parishioners.

The results of the survey and a subsequent analysis of housing needs derived from other sources have been brought together in the Housing Needs Assessment report.

A summary of the assessment can be downloaded from the Evidence Base page.

In November 2020, a business and employment survey was issued to businesses within the Parish; thank you for those businesses that responded.

The results of the Survey, along with results from the resident’s survey in 2018, interviews with businesses and extensive web research are presented in a summary document which can be downloaded from the Evidence Base page.

The team have supplied evidence to the two planning authorities covering Wellow Parish (Test Valley Borough and the New Forest National Park) such they can conduct a “screening” to decide whether we need a Strategic Environmental Assessment.

The team have compiled the evidence for the screening report to be prepared by the local planning authorities and it is available for downloading from the Evidence Base page.


Our next meeting will be held on:
20 January 2020 - see agenda


Documents are posted as PDFs

Next Steps

A Housing Needs Survey is our next step


View the Wellow Parish map as a jpg, or for more detail view the PDF


View images around Wellow parish - please send more - to admin@wellownhp.org.uk


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