The development of the Wellow Neighbourhood Plan is overseen by a Steering Group. This is a formal sub-committee of Wellow Parish Council and consists of both Parish Council and community members. 

The Parish Council retains overall responsibility for the project, but its execution is delegated to the Neighbourhood Plan team as directed by the Steering Committee.

Members of the Steering Committee and team are entirely voluntary and are drawn from the Wellow community. We are advised by a consultant. Various sub-groups drawn from the wider team have been established from time to time to work on different activities of the developing plan as needed.

Current members of the Wellow Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are:

the team
  • Charles Payne (Chair of the Steering Group and Parish Councillor)
  • Kathy Taylor (Secretary)
  • Gaye Chesterton-Kay (Chair of the Parish Council)
  • Les Rackham
  • John Saunsbury
  • Phillip Stehr (Parish Councillor)
  • Richard Millard (Parish Councillor)
  • Chris Craig (Parish Councillor)
  • Sharon Brentnall (Consultant – advisor to the Group)

The meetings of the team and Steering Group have been considerably disrupted since the beginning of 2020 because of the pandemic and no meetings of the Steering Group which the public could attend have been possible. Team meetings have been held virtually where and when this could be arranged and business has had to continue in this way.

Date and place of next Steering Group Meeting – To be announced

Agendas of Steering Group Meetings

These documents are available here