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Next Steps

This page was updated on: November 27, 2020

The Wellow Neighbourhood Plan team have still been working hard during lockdown and many of the previous ‘Next Steps’ have now been completed.

We would like to thank all residents who have helped us by responding to our surveys and provided comments along the way to help us with the development of the plan.

At present, considerable research and analysis is being performed to develop our evidence base on which the Plan Policies will be based. Several activities are currently under way:

Parish Character Appraisal.

This document describes the Parish, it’s different character areas and their attributes and issues from geography and road systems to biodiversity aspects and Special Protection Areas and is an important part of our evidence base.

Housing Need Assessment

The Wellow Housing Needs survey was completed and the results are being analysed, together with other related information and the output will feed into the development of the Neighbourhood Plan.


Information about bio-diversity in Wellow Parish has been received from Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre and demonstrates the Parish has some importance features with regards to conservation. Policies associated to Biodiversity are being prepared.

Wellow Business Survey

To ensure that local business have the opportunity to have their say we are preparing a short survey for businesses.

Heritage Assets and Important Views

We have a register of “Listed Buildings” in Wellow, but there must be more heritage assets such as important buildings, structures and even landscape views that may not be listed but that you think help to characterise Wellow and are worth preserving.

If you would like to suggest something please take a picture and mail to us with comments. Pictures and details should be mailed to admin@wellownhp.org.uk


We were disappointed to have had to cancel our planned community consultation event in March due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

We will be looking to re-arrange this as soon as it is practical to do so. In the meantime we have added some of the material for the event onto this web site in a condensed form.

Display material from the postponed community event of 28th March 2020 - Presented by Wellow Neighbourhood Plan Team -  Read More here