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This page was updated on: 18 November 2019

Moving the project forward to an approved plan is a multi-step process which needs to follow a clear path so that the results can be externally approved and the plan shown to be based on evidence.

TVBC have a helpful Community Planning template that we are using as our guide.

There are basically five steps:

  1. Set-up
  2. Identify community needs and priorities
  3. Identify and review opportunities and options
  4. Produce a draft plan
  5. Validate and secure approval, including a local referendum

The whole process is underpinned by community involvement and communication.

Late in 2018 a detailed questionnaire was delivered to every residence in the parish with the aim of gathering resident’ views on the future of the parish. We received 599 replies (about a 40% return rate) and a summary of the results was distributed to every residence in February 2019. By clicking the links at the top of the screen you can see this analysis and also a far more detailed Power Point analysis

This has been supplemented by further consultations with businesses, clubs and other groups in the parish.

Follow the link to see a summary of the survey results  (PDF)

Follow this link to see a more detailed presentation of the survey results  (PDF)

To help us move forward we are using consultants who specialise in this work to help us produce a robust plan that will satisfy both local wishes and the government inspector.

More recently we have used the results of the survey and other consultations to develop a draft vision statement and a set of Objectives.

These can be viewed here

In the Winter of 2019/20 a Housing Needs Survey was completed and a Housing Needs Assessment report complied, see the Evidence Base page.

In 2020 a business survey was completed and the results of the survey, discussions with local businesses and web research have been brought together in a summary report which is on the Evidence Base Page

The Neighbourhood Plan must allow for some development.

The Test Valley Local Plan determines how much new development is required in rural areas.

Over the last eighteen months the Neighbourhood Plan team have been discussing the sites put forward to Test Valley by landowners for development.

These sites are known as SHELAA sites and can be viewed on the Test Valley website see: https://www.testvalley.gov.uk/planning-and-building/planningpolicy/evidence-base/shelaa-review-2019

The Wellow Neighbourhood Plan team are waiting for feedback on these sites from Test Valley Borough Council and New Forest Park Authority.

The team have supplied evidence to the two planning authorities covering Wellow Parish (Test Valley Borough and the New Forest National Park) such that they can conduct a “screening” to decide whether we need a Strategic Environmental Assessment.

This would determine the extent to which environmental considerations impact on the process of preparing the Neighbourhood Plan.

Given the location of the Parish in relation to the National Park and various protected areas, we expect this to proceed.

The work will be done by a specialist team.

The team have compiled the evidence for the screening report to be prepared by the local planning authorities and is available for downloading from the Evidence Base page.