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Progress to Date

This page was updated on: 18 November 2019

Moving the project forward to an approved plan is a multi-step process which needs to follow a clear path so that the results can be externally approved and the plan shown to be based on evidence.

TVBC have a helpful Community Planning template that we are using as our guide.

There are basically five steps:

  1. Set-up
  2. Identify community needs and priorities
  3. Identify and review opportunities and options
  4. Produce a draft plan
  5. Validate and secure approval, including a local referendum

The whole process is underpinned by community involvement and communication.

Late in 2018 a detailed questionnaire was delivered to every residence in the parish with the aim of gathering resident’ views on the future of the parish. We received 599 replies (about a 40% return rate) and a summary of the results was distributed to every residence in February 2019. By clicking the links at the top of the screen you can see this analysis and also a far more detailed Power Point analysis

This has been supplemented by further consultations with businesses, clubs and other groups in the parish.

Follow the link to see a summary of the survey results  (PDF)

Follow this link to see a more detailed presentation of the survey results  (PDF)

To help us move forward we are using consultants who specialise in this work to help us produce a robust plan that will satisfy both local wishes and the government inspector.

More recently we have used the results of the survey and other consultations to develop a draft vision statement and a set of Objectives.

These can be viewed here